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Mercedes Closet...



There are thousands of individuals that lose there lives each year because they kept secrets that became lethal. Walking a thin tight rope on a lit ignition of a ticking time bomb. 

Mercedes’ Closet is a fictional dramatic roller-coaster ride of deceit, passion, and betrayal. Starring three young women, who from the outside looking in are leading normal lives. Mercedes, Nashunta, and Raven all have one thing in common, each one of these ladies harbors a deep dark secret. Who hasn’t kept a secret, right? A little secret we thought was innocent, but what if that little secret grew dark.


A ghostly skeleton that gets tucked away in a deep dark closet? What would happen then? To go further, would you keep the secret even if it would cost you your life? If you’re unsure, take a peek inside Mercedes’ Closet and learn how deadly keeping secrets could become.




Wounds To Wisdom


Wounds to Wisdom...

The Survivor Series focuses on the stories of 12 brave and courageous domestic violence survivors. The authors share intimate details of their experiences with domestic violence; how they survived and turned their Wounds into Wisdom. Pre-Order today and strengthen the survivor in you!

                               Paperback  $20

                                    Ebook $10