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About The FOUNDER...

April Jackson-Hunter


April Jackson-Hunter received a Master of Art in Forensic Psychology from Argosy University. A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Herzing University. She has a love for a plethora of things, but books and literature has always been her passion. A story no different from anyone else’s, she took a portion of her life that wouldn’t be forgotten and harnessed it. allowing her to birth April M. Jackson-Hunter LLC. This transformed her into an award-winning Author, Speaker, and Advocate.

A voice when harnessed, paved the way for her to assist other survivors like herself. Her mission is to help survivors understand they are not alone. For this reason, she founded Mercedes’ Closet Inc. which is a nonprofit geared to empowering survivors in the LGBTQ+ community allowing them to rebuild and lead fearless lives, which officially launched in early 2020. Mrs. Jackson-Hunter believes everyone needs to know that there is someone in their corner during a dark time.


April the Speaker

April M. Jackson-Hunter is on a mission to educate, embrace and empower your audience. She utilizes her life as a victim and her transformation into a survivor to
educate and bring awareness to the growing epidemic of domestic violence. Empowering not only survivors but the entire audience to live purposely on purpose.
April is available for speaking engagements, conferences, and panels. She is most empowering as a
guest speaker as her truth brings forth the most impact.

Speaking Topics:

Understanding the Purpose to Your Pain

Transforming Why Me into Why Not Me

Trauma. Healing, and Mental Health



Contributing author Life, Love, & Lockup Vol. 4: Cracked but not Damaged

Author of Mercedes’ Closet: Keeping Deadly Secrets

Co-author on Tamiko Lowry-Pugh’s Wounds to

Wisdom: Survivor Series Vol. 3

Recipient of the Trailblazing Writer of the Year Award 2019

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In August 2019, Refreshing Word Fellowship Church of Atlanta was blessed to sponsor "Story Untold," an interactive forum to bring awareness to the Christian community that focused on LGBTQIA Domestic Violence Abuse. April M. Jackson-Hunter, author and survivor advocate for LGBTQIA Domestic Violence, was selected to be a part of the forum where she told the "truth" of her story and brought liberation to others who were in the room. For many, her candid presentation was pure in connection.

April is to be commended for her passion and commitment to this work, which brings education and empowerment to those who suffer in silence.

W. La'Shaun Jones, Servant Leader 

Refreshing Word Church of Atlanta 

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